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Experience with products, Natalia, Prague

Experience using Skincell Advanced by Natalia from Prague

I learned about serum for mole removal from the Internet through reviews on the official site. I have a big black mole on my neck. As a teenager, I pride myself on small features, but as I get older, they start to get in my way. In addition, the nevus grows 1, 5 times. Doctors rule out cancer and recommend accepting and accepting yourself as such. I am afraid to have the surgical removal, because my skin is prone to keloid scars. In addition, the mole has a thick base, that is, the scar will definitely remain.

I found the Skincell Advanced tool from people's recommendations. The instructions are simple, the site has an intuitive interface. I filled out the feedback form, waited for the operator's call, and immediately clarified some of the features: contraindications, complications, risk of allergies. The girl explained to me about the origin of the product, about the rules of the application and offered to buy the product at a 50% discount. Orders arrive in 10 days.

Using this tool

Advanced Skincell Experience

Beautiful packaging, undamaged, everything tightly closed. Started using the next day. The dispenser makes it easy to control the concentrate dosage. After the first use, the mole becomes a little lighter. Real results appeared only after a week - my growth was successfully covered by the foundation. Today I have the pleasure of meeting this corrector for warts and moles.

Skincell Advanced is effective for removing warts and moles, as it completely solves growth problems. Now my skin is clear, as if there had never been anything on it. Instructions for use are included in each package. I learned more about how to use this tool from forums where other participants share their experiences. I bought a corrector as a last chance to get rid of defects and it turned out to have a long-awaited result.